Alphard Hybrid

Alphard HEV
Exquisite Transquility Recharge Every Journey


All New Alphard Variants


Beyond Exterior

Discover every path with the next level luxury Toyota All New Alphard HEV along with Modellista design to contribute more for the environment.

Highlight Features

  • Luxury Front Grille
    The elegance and luxurious Front Grille design mark your presence wherever you go. (All Type)
  • Sharp LED Headlamp
    Bring stylish look and add powerful eyes for your vehicle in every journey with the sharp LED Headlamp design (All Type) and DRL (G & HEV Type).
  • Rear Combination Lamp
    Classy and sharp shine from Rear Combination Lamp to accompany you in every road. (All Type)
  • Comfortable Power Slide Door
    Allowing you to easily open and close the door in one finger tip. (All Type)

  • Advanced Power Backdoor with Voice Command
    An easy button to give you convenience when opening and closing the backdoor. (G & HEV Type)
  • Perfection 19″ Alloy Wheel On The Road
    High-end alloy wheel design to strengthen the glamorous look on the road. (G & HEV Type)
  • Perfect Emblem Combination
    New Beyond Zero logo paired with HEV emblem symbolized your effort to contribute for the environment in every trip. (HEV Type)


Beyond Interior

The luxurious design and advance features to satisfy in every drive.

Highlight Features

  • Captain Seat
    Experience convenience throughout every journey on Captain Seat (All Type) supported Detachable Smartphone-like Remote Control (HEV Type)
  • Rear Side Shade
    For private ambience and adjustable Rear Side Shade. (All Type)
  • The Extravagance Interior Design
    The luxurious design and advance features including Steering Wheel, MID, Head Unit Display (All Type), and DVR (G & HEV Type) to satisfy you in every drive.
  • Experience High-End Lounge
    Comes with Interior Lighting, Ceiling Storage, and 14″ Rear Seat Entertainment to provide you with ease along the journey. (All Type)

  • Wireless Charger
    Help you stay connected to support your daily hustle and bustle. (G & HEV Type)
  • Satisfying 14″ Head Unit
    Indulge you in every journey with entertainment through bigger head unit. (All Type)
  • Futuristic 12.3″ MID
    An entire digital display to serve all essential information about your vehicle. (All Type)
  • Front Seat Storage
    Provide an extra Front Seat Storage to accomodate your needs. (All Type)


Beyond Safety

The first-class Toyota Innovative safety feature protects and prevents passengers from any harm for serenity in every mile.

Highlight Features

  • Toyota Safety Sense
  • Lane Departure Alert (LDA)
    Keep the vehicle on the safe lane, thus making the driver confident and feel safe while driving.
  • Lane Tracing Assist
    Driving track safety assistance to keep the driver on track with providing light correction.
  • Pre-Collision System (PCS)
    Early warning when there is a possibility of collision to perform braking or avoidance maneuvers.
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
    A system designed to help drivers maintain a safe distance and stay within the speed limit.
  • Adaptive High Beam (AHB)
    Safety lighting system that allows the range of the headlights to automatically adjust with the conditions.

  • Drive Monitoring System
    Safety system to alert and warn the drivers to press the brake when the camera detect drowsy or inattentive to the road. (G & HEV Type)

  • Panoramic View Monitor
    Enhances the visibility of the vehicle’s surroundings while driving to prevent a collision. (All Type)


Beyond Performance

Experience sophisticated feeling in every path with Toyota All New Alphard HEV and bring sustainable impact for environment.

Highlight Features

  • HEV Engine
    Sustainable system design delivers fuel efficiency and environmental friendly in every journey. (HEV Type)

  • Toyota All New Alphard HEV
    Experience the sophisticated feeling in every path and bring sustainable impact for environment.
    8 Years / 160.000 KM Battery Warranty*
    *Whicever comes first.


Beyond Connected

An Integrated solution that you can access through mTOYOTA application. Giving you comfort, providing peace of mind, and keeping you stay connected with your car.

Highlight Features

  • Find My Car
    Accurately know where the vehicle is parked to provide you feeling of safety and convenience.
  • Geofencing
    Giving alert if your vehicle is outside the authorized zone to ensure your security all times.
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking
    Know your vehicle location assisted by Toyota Call Center to provide you security all the time.
  • Vehicle Info
    Provide your vehicle’s condition and warning notification to give you more convenience while driving.
  • Guest Driver Alert
    Enable specific rush notification settings (Distance Radius, Max. Speed, and Max. Idle Time) when you permit other driver to use the vehicle (Ex: Valet Parking).
  • Speed & Idle Alert
    Get push notification when your vehicle exceeds the defined speed limit & engine idle duration based on your preference.
  • Time Fencing
    Get push notification when your vehicle is being used (Engine On) during specified time period based on your preference.
  • E-Care Maintenance
    A reminder to you for periodic vehicle maintenance to make your vehicle always in the best performance.
  • Emergency Road Asssitance
    Provide SOS button if you get in accident. You will be assisted by the Toyota Call Center to be directed to the Emergency Road Assistance (ERA) provider to make you feel safer while driving.
  • Inquiry & Support Center
    Direct assistance from Toyota Call Center to solve your problems. Give you more ability to keep moving forward.
  • Driving Report
    Summarize your driving session by daily & monthly report.
  • Safe Driving Reward
    Drive safely by reducing Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking, and Harsh Cornering and get the applicable rewards/benefit* for your next insurance policy** renewal.
    *Benefit may varies and given from your insurance provider.
    **Please contact your nearest dealer for more detail.

Beyond Accessories

Toyota exclusive parts as an option for people to custom their car.

Highlight Features

  • Package Modellista (Front Skirt, Side Skirt, Rear Skirt)
    *Available for all types.




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